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With dishes piled in the sink and counter-tops stacked with rubbish, it’s going to take more than the smell of freshly baked bread and a neutral colour scheme to shift this property. From the outside the three-bedroom semi-detached property in Short Heath Road, Erdington, Birmingham, appears respectable. But pictures of the interior of the house show unmade beds, a rubbish-strewn living room, piles of washing up in the sink and a filthy bathroom. To the ground floor is a generous through lounge that could be split back into two receptions if required and access to the kitchen with a utility room towards the rear. To the first floor is a family bathroom and three bedrooms two of them are doubles and the third is bigger than your normal sized third bedroom. There is also a front and rear garden, the property is available with no chain.

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Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. The Isle of Wight attracts the rich and famous. It is now rumoured that they have bought a home here having been spotted at the Sun Inn, Hulverstone, a couple of times.

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Posted by Galatea Over the past six years or so, I have run up against a number of the ways in which twenty-first century Western society is set up to assume that people of my age bracket will be partnered or actively looking to be, and have sometimes had bad times as a result with some irony, a lot of this running-up-against happened while I was actually part of a couple, just not one that operated in the assumed-default mode.

Thus, to beginning to think about couples privilege and the privileges associated with coupledom, and to beginning to compile a Couples Privilege Checklist. This isn’t, of course, to suggest that people in couples are all evil, or that there’s a giant social conspiracy wherein everyone come up with ways to mess with single people although if you’ve met some of my relatives, you might start to have Suspicions However, I do think it’s important to look at some of the ways in which our charming heterocentric nuclear-family oriented society creates or fails to smooth over obstacles for people who don’t fit into the one-man-one-woman-couple model for whatever reason.

I’m deliberately leaving out the sex-and-romance parts of coupledom in this post, and just focusing on the privilege points that affect daily life. I’m also sure that there’s a lot of stuff I’m missing, and would appreciate it if anyone is able to point any missed issues out in the comments. As andustar pointed out below, many of these privileges also apply only to people in non-abusive relationships. The final added caveat, of course, is that these are my issues seen from my perspective, and that YM, as ever, MV.

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Keanu, 47, also dressed down in jeans, a v-neck T-shirt and a black blazer. The couple left through separate exits to avoid being seen together Swanky: The couple dined at Beverly Hills’ Craig’s restaurant The low key couple left the hotspot through separate exits to avoid being seen together with Keanu jumping in his Porsche out the front, while Sandra slipped out the back door with a female friend.

The pair have know each other for almost two decades after starring together in the movie Speed – a film which made Sandra a star.

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MichaelCrider October 30, , A cookie is simply a small file that a web site places on your computer to store information. The process itself is totally benign, and can even be helpful—cookies do useful things like store your shopping cart information between sessions, save you from the hassle of logging into a site every time you open and close your browser, and other helpful time savers. The ones that give cookies a bad name track users without their explicit knowledge and help advertisers or other entities build profiles of users.

Many people want to limit the amount of information that is gathered about them, and do so by limiting the kind of cookies that their browser accepts and retains.

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When I came over 4 years ago , it was essentially as an act of belief in my partner Jeff and in myself. To be frank, I did not expect much. Talk was of dreary winters and a boring town full of boring VCs with not much happening. For that was the perception of the region from afar. I could not have been more wrong. I am starting to measure the progress that was made in the last four years, too. When Oculus VR was sold recently, I know many people were surprised to hear Boston mentioned in connection with the company.

I think most people assumed the company was based in California surely, it must be from California. Isn’t he a dashing VC? As a remarkable IP powerhouse Boston always has and will continue to produce hard tech innovation that produce meaningful outcomes.

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Dealing with Rejection Dating is fun, it really is. But there is a downside – and that downside is known as ‘rejection’. We can be rejected in many areas of our lives – whether it’s losing out on a job, not being invited to a party, or not being as popular as we would like. Second Dates Did you know that today is the most popular day for shopping on the internet?

This week we talk all about the Southern Charm reunion, The Real Housewives of New York City’s odd speed dating episode, and some general news from the Bravo world! Dreamlines and Frontier raise big funding rounds The acquisitions of FanDuel and Zoopla The recent Tech Nation report on the UK’s tech sector Apple’s rocky relationship with the.

Within Slice we produce and manage an array of different events, but we can confidently say most contain some form of alcoholic beverage or bespoke bar with mixologists. This year will be the eighth time the festival has taken place in venues around London and we are excited to witness what it has in store and the trends in cocktails that will undoubtedly emerge. This year LCW have created a free mobile app in which you can buy and download tickets as well as have the guidebook to over events happening throughout London.

We have mapped out what we have on our agenda for the week, but if you wanted to try your hand at any of the other events you can download the Drinkup. London app to your smart phone. What we are up to: The official LCW opening party Why? Schweppes Alchemy Bar Why? You will imbibe unconventional flavour pairings and see scientific creations from the best in the cocktail business.

Abelforth are showcasing their craft spirits by opening a subterranean day to night bar. Reply to emails while sipping on a coffee and enjoying the free wifi during the day, while at night you can enjoy a wide array of games and signature serves. The Cocktail Village Why?

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Also, it does not take time to attain full brightness. It can help you to find not only Philips bulb but also all alternate light bulbs. A normal h7 lamp intends to provide much better illumination when driving on the street, so the driver is in a state to see the object nearby him. A few of these counterfeit bulbs can be hard to spot and, if installed in your automobile, can give rise to a variety of issues.

These advanced technology based lamps are incorporated with a range of benefits or benefits are a number of them are given below. There are some factors which influence the life span of a lamp.

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Last year , Pharell Williams made a surprise appearance for a 30 minute music set, which was one of the best intimate concerts I have ever been to. I was working while getting my nails done on our terrace. I must preface by saying that my feet were in dire need of some help, so this came at an opportune time. After not seeing daylight for 9 months of hibernation, they were quite a dreadful sight. I mean, they were so bad, I had to do a pre-pedi, I was so embarrassed to present them to my Pedi-Lady.

Thankfully my face is better than my feet, otherwise I would still be a spinster. If my face is a 7, my feet are a 2. So, in came Christine, Pedi-Lady, who although arrived late, was jolly and enthusiastic. Christine did a great job of sloughing, rubbing, cutting, pummicing and filing, that I now have presentable, rather acceptable looking feet: My feet by LeSalon App. Thank you Christine for your hard work!

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